Mercadito’s Double A Gets Funky


For the July installment of their monthly Tippling Tuesdays series, the Tippling Bros. invite guests to boogie down with bottles from Cream Wine Company, offering a selection of wines grown with minimal or no intervention from the winemaker to bring funk to life.

“These natural wines have an earthy, funky taste all their own that’s really fun to explore,” says Paul Tanguay of the Tippling Bros. “I think people are intrigued by natural wines, so we wanted to make it funky by pairing the wines to music.”

Winemakers create varietals such as the Matin Calme 2009 “Sans Temps” by never pumping the wine and only fermenting with natural yeasts, while the makers of Champ Divin 2008 “Cuvee Pollux” utilize classic Jurassian production techniques, including drying grapes on straw mats in the sun. It’s going down at Double A (108 West Kinzie Street below Mercadito) July 9 and costs $25, guests can get down in Double A with these soulful sips, Mercadito’s signature bites and a side of funk. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 312-329-9555.

Via Wagstaff/Mercadito