David Burke Kitchen Set to Open in January

david-burkeNew York City chef David Burke is bringing his farm-to-table cuisine to Aspen, opening a restaurant on the second floor of a 21,000-square foot building which is under construction on the corner of Hopkins and Galena. David Burke Kitchen is scheduled to open in January 2014, and will emphasize local food products, much like his Soho restaurant, the Aspen Daily News reports.

The menu will include dry-aged meats like venison, elk, wild boar and several “pig dishes,” along with roasted trout and aged cheeses, and will focus on using all parts of the animal. Burke has several restaurants on the East Coast, and the opportunity to open one in Aspen when the space–which formerly housed The Gap–became available. He took family vacations to Aspen and Beaver Creek when his children were younger, and Burke is a Food & Wine Classic regular as well.