Trunk Club Gets Technological


Trunk Club, a personalized clothing service for men that offers designer clothing without the typical shopping hassles, today unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone application. The app is designed to provide users with the ultimate, dynamic, on-the-go retail service experience. It offers customers an instant connection with their personal stylist wherever they are, making it painless and friction-free to have a hand-selected “trunk” of clothing delivered to their door or to browse outfitting advice on past purchases.

The iPhone app is the latest example of Trunk Club’s investment in technology. The company believes that its latest advances are the key to providing the most personalized shopping experience on the Internet. Unlike other fashion services, Trunk Club has built its own “relationship platform” for retail, empowering stylists and product teams with the information they need in order to deliver superior, tailored service and selection to customers. The iPhone app extends this to another level by giving users anywhere access to stylists through a simple mobile interface.

“Our goal is to create technology that enables rich 1-on-1 service relationships at scale. It should always feel human,” said Neil Kamireddy, Product Manager on the iPhone application. “Trunk Club is different than other Internet retailers because of that relationship, so with this app we set out to extend that and cut even more friction out of the shopping experience – a customer of ours can have handpicked clothing delivered to their door with one or two taps once we know them.

“Within the past year, our mobile traffic has exploded,” he added. “About 40 percent of our traffic comes from mobile and 80 percent of that stems from iOS.  Our customers hate shopping or don’t have time – mobile is a huge opportunity for us to deliver on that need.”

The new Trunk Club iOS app is equipped with the following capabilities:

1. Connect with your stylist wherever you are in a few quick taps. Request a new personalized trunk from your stylist in seconds through an “Uber-like” friction-free ordering and payment experience. Once your trunk arrives, you can give feedback to your stylist right from the app.

2. Access personalized outfit recommendations from your stylist. What goes with what? What can you wear on that date next weekend? If you’re ever bored of what you’ve got, request new suggestions from your stylists with a tap.

3. Browse exclusive featured trunks curated by Trunk Club (e.g., “Spring Blazers”) to learn about new brands, styles, or looks. Like something you see? One tap alerts your stylist to put something similar together for you based on your unique preferences.

The new app launches as Trunk Club tripled its revenue for the third consecutive year. The company earned $17 million in revenue last year and projects sales of $40 million in 2013. Member numbers have increased three-fold in the last year as well. With more than 30,000 members nationwide and over 160 employees (up from just five in 2010), Trunk Club is recognized as an innovator in both retail and technology.

To download the iPhone app, search “Trunk Club” in the app store or to download directly.  For more information on Trunk Club and its iPhone app, visit