PHOTOS: Adam Sobel is the New King of Porc

When it comes to the Grand Cochon, there can only be one King of Porc and yesterday Adam Sobel, of San Francisco’s RN74, took home the award during the cook-off at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen. The culmination to the Food & Wine Classic featured 10 chefs from around the country to prepare national heritage breed pork.

Brady Lowe created the Grand Cochon and Cochon 555 events, which take place throughout the rest of the year, to bring awareness to heritage pork and put it back on menus around the country.

“I could not be more proud and enthusiastic of Adam’s win at Grand Cochon,” says Lowe. “It’s been an honor to reposition the conversation of heritage breeds in today’s very enthusiastic good food movement. Within the first five years hosting events nationwide, Cochon has made a significant contribution as part of the culinary community dedicated to heritage breeds, honest food and responsible agriculture.”

On Sunday, more than 1200 pounds of pork was served to a crowd of more than 400 gourmands and 20 judges. Guests of the Grand Cochon event also sampled more than 30 dishes from around the country.