Haute 100 Update: Haute 100’s Big Three Head To The NBA Finals


Three of the Haute 100 members are heading to the NBA Finals for the third year in a row, after a blowout game against the Indiana Pacers last night. The Big Three had a combined score of 62 points and the Miami Heats score was never below 12 points in the entire second half of the game. Wade said of his team, “Moments like this can define your career…we have champions in our locker room. You know you don’t become a champion by luck. I like the team we have in those moments.”

Chris Bosh was playing defensively with a contagious energy and made all eight of his free throw shots in the first half of the game. After the win Bosh carried his son Jackson to the floor to touch the Eastern Conference trophy.

“King James” stopped and shook David Beckham’s hand as he exited the game with 5:08 left. James spoke to each of his teammates earlier that morning and while no details of the discussion have been disclosed, whatever he said clearly worked. Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs will kick off Thursday at the American Airlines Arena. “I look forward to the… To Read Complete Story, Click Here