Dori’s World: London with Wimbledon and James Franco

Such a great week! My friend Pia had a small dinner for a few friends on Friday. Then Saturday night I went to the country for a beautiful event. I enjoyed Wimbledon one afternoon. Another evening I had two dinners. My first dinner took place in a garden where I saw Harry Lefrak, Larry Gagosian, Stavros and Marina Livanos, and Anne Summers. Diana Ross played at the other dinner whose guests included James Franco, Mat and Nicole Mellon, Fergie, Diane and Alexandra von Furstenberg (who make the most amazing lines), Dax Miller, Marie Chantal, Jen Creel, and Ilona and Kenny Schachter.

After, I headed to Rena Sindi’s birthday party at Cipriani, thrown by Mackrum, or Big Mack, as I call him lovingly. It was in St Tropez! Lisa Zhengese, Lisa Reuben, Christian Voitgt, and Myam and Reza, whose home I went to earlier that day for Meissen jewelry. So glad I got to see Thomas LeClerc, Jonathan and Frida Lourie, Nic Berguen, Cynthia and Henry Gabay, Eva Lorenzo, Al Acquavella, Christina and Stav Lalvanos and Larry Gagosian! My next stop was with Ali Rubler and Inga Rubenstein for lunch with Mohit Burman, Karen Larrain, Giulia Caltagirone and Masha Mimrom. London is rocking!