Cronut Craze Expands to $5,000 Deliveries


Cronuts, the hybrid between a croissant and donut, have burgeoned in popularity and demand after their recent debut at SoHo’s very own Dominique Ansel bakery. Perfected after an intricate process of sheeting, laminating, proofing, frying, rolling, filling, coating and bedazzling, it’s no wonder why Manhattanites and tourists alike flock to them. The highly-coveted sweet treats are virtually impossible to consume, unless you’re willing to camp out before the sun does (and pay $5) or shell out five grand.

The white glove delivery service charges $100 per croissant-dougnut to any Manhattan address. For a 20-piece order, prepare your pocketbooks because it will cost you $5,000. To spruce up a business meeting or mundane weekday, that’s a pretty penny.

Chef and mastermind Dominique Ansel, of his eponymous patisserie, fears not for the costs but the conditions of his fried delights. After all, the cronut’s shelf life is fairly ephemeral. “My initial reaction is, I just hope these people don’t get sick,” he explained to NY Daily News. “I’m not sure people realize you can’t refrigerate a cronut. It starts to turn really stale and soggy. And the product simply shouldn’t be outside in an uncontrolled temperature environment.”

For our readers who suffer from a sweet tooth, next-day orders started this Monday and are unsurprisingly booked until the end of this week. But don’t worry, you can email to join a queue for the next available day’s deliveries. For some more mouth-watering pictures and jaw-dropping figures, check out the cronut’s special website.

Wondering where the preposterous proceeds are going? A worthy cause. Ten percent of cronut delivery proceeds are going to benefit the Food Bank of New York. So go ahead and order away because June’s flavor is Lemon Maple!