Aspen Historical Society Gets Ready to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The nonprofit responsible for keeping track of centuries worth of Aspen history will celebrate its own 50th birthday in a couple of weeks, resurrecting Chautauqua and culminating with a block party. The Aspen Historical Society, founded in 1963, honors five decades since its founding by hosting keynote speakers, brown bag lunch series, character presentations, sunset film screenings, a children’s camp and more from July 8-12 at the Wheeler/Stallard Museum grounds in Aspen’s West End.

Nighttime speakers include author Ted Conover, Michel Kinsley, Randy Udall, and Tony Vagneur all moderated by Dr. Patricia Limerick, director for the enter of the American West. Activities run from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m., beginning with daily exercises like yoga and Zumba and ending with Cinema from the ’60s, like “Dr.¬†Aspen Historical SocietyStrangelove” and “Pink Panther.” Tickets for keynote speakers are $20/day and character presentations are $10/day. A four-day pass costs $100.

On Friday, July 12, the Aspen Historical Society will host its 50th Birthday Block Party. The fundraiser will feature dinner, drinks and dancing through the decades with ¬†Moment’s Notice. Tickets for the Block Party are $1,000 for a table of ten, $100 for reserved and $50 for unreserved. Tickets for both Chautauqua Aspen and the Block Party can be purchased at Aspen Historical Society.