What’s On My Desk: Kristina Nazareveskaia, Founder of galleryIntell


Kristina Nazareveskaia is the co-founder of galleryIntell, an online art information and advisory platform that helps art enthusiasts learn about various aspects of the art world including important galleries to visit, significant shows to see and top artists to know in New York, Moscow and Mumbai. Kristina has worked as an artist in NYC for the past 12 years and holds a degree in Film and Art History from Hunter College. Her passion for art history and education prompted the launch of the site, which introduces visitors to key art theories, important art movements, terminologies and artists’ inspirations. This summer, galleryIntell will launch an art advisory section where beginner to intermediate level collectors can contact the company for private consultations.

Here’s what Kristina keeps on her desk to stay inspired:

A picture of my mom, myself as a 3-year-old and my grandparents in Yerevan, Armenia

It reminds me of my roots and of my grandfather’s immense perseverance in attaining his dreams. There is also a picture of me in 1st grade making funny faces with my teacher, which is a reminder not take things so seriously. It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time.

A stack of auction catalogues

These are a great source of rare images and information about some very hard to find artworks. I purchase older issues of Christie’s and Sotheby’s Impressionist, Modern, Post War and Contemporary catalogues from The Strand on Broadway and 11th street in Manhattan. It’s really an addiction so I have a rule — I am not allowed to buy more than one catalogue per month and it has to have at least 10 works that I really like. They are really an invaluable resource of information!

My beautiful Indian elephant figurine

My business partner Ramandeep Kaur brought it for me from India last year and it’s a cherished gift.

Two orange markers

Orange is one of our brand colors, the other one is a deep royal purple. Pretty much since day one, Ramandeep and I have this thing where we have to keep one of the two colors with us at all times. It’s a talisman or a good luck charm. The auction catalogues are well familiar with my orange markers.

My laptop

I am on it from the moment I wake up. Literally. We’ve become good friends. I give it power, it gives me access to the world beyond my desk!