The Daily Feed Opens at CrossTown Fitness




Let’s say a restaurant group opened up a bar with the most amazingly gooey cheese fries and succulent wings. Then they decided to open up a Quad Cities pizza joint, followed by a bakery. What do you think would be the company’s next move? Opening up a health food spot, of course. That was your guess, right? The owners of The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group, who are behind The Fifty/50, Roots Handmade Pizza and West Town Bakery & Diner, have partnered with CrossTown Fitness (1031 West Madison) to create The Daily Feed. It’s a bright, upbeat, modern café that creates simple, grab-and-go options to fuel one’s body. This came about when the owner of CrossTown, Charlie Graff, and the owners of The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group, Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner, discussed opening up a fast health food spot in the boutique gym and decided it was a no-brainer.

“We’re excited about creating good food for people with very specific diets, challenges and personal goals,” Mohr said. “The Daily Feed elevates nutritious dining with the ultimate in convenience for even the busiest of people,” comments Weiner. Let’s be honest, after tasting one of the amazing pizzas from Roots Handmade Pizza, you need a way to work the calories off. You can head to CrossTown Fitness and pay for fun with a great workout and some clean, nutritious food. The menu at Daily Feed is as diverse as it is healthy, it offers an array of diet-specific lean and fatty proteins, salads, wraps, quinoa bowls, and breakfast items made with high quality and fresh ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for Seasoned Shrimp Skewers or just a quick snack like a Trail Mix Scone, the Daily Feed has you covered. For more information about the Daily Feed or to see the full menu, click here.