Little Market Brasserie Announces Complimentary Sundae Week


In a continuation of the summer themed dining over at Little Market Brasserie (10 East Delaware Place), they have just made the season sweeter. Little Market Brasserie will be giving away free sundaes all next week. In a season where all you want to do is enjoy a nice meal on the patio, they are giving you a way to stay cool with these complimentary sundaes. And by next week I mean May 13-19, and by sundaes I mean groups of up to four people will be offered a free Milk and Cookies Sundae. It just sounds so right, doesn’t it? The decadent dessert is made with house-made chocolate chip cookies, topped with vanilla and chocolate soft-serve ice cream and served with the restaurant’s version of a Magic shell. And for those who aren’t familiar with a Magic shell, it’s a fudge sauce that hardens over ice cream. This dessert is usually $7.50 but on the aforementioned days between 9 and 11PM you will get them on the house. Consider breaking your diet for at least one day and enjoy a cool treat in this beautiful warm weather, and if you’re not on a diet, even better.

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