What’s On My Desk: Linda Owen

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Licensed esthetician and mother of six, Linda Owen took her passion for skincare to the next level by creating a signature product collection that combines her love of natural ingredients with high performance formulas. Linda, who struggled with severe skin issues from an early age, became fascinated with the possibilities of skincare as a preteen in her grandmother’s kitchen. The two would spend hours concocting their own natural remedies, many of which were extremely effective. Now she has created something nearly impossible to find: a luxury line of 98% natural, chemical-free, paraben-free hypoallergenic products called Taylor Owen Beautiful. Taylor Owen Beautiful headquarters are located in Windermere, FL

A Photo of My Six, Yes I Said Six, Beautiful Children: My children are my everything. Enough said.

Products from my Taylor Owen Beautiful Skin Care Collection : My dream of creating an all-natural, luxury skin care collection started years ago in my grandmother’s kitchen so seeing the actual products is a constant reminder that my dreams became a reality.


Beauty Publications : As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I am constantly reading anything beauty related to be sure to keep up with the trends and competition.


An Always Full Coffee Mug : With six kids and a newly launched business, I need ALL the caffeine I can get.


Fresh Flowers : Fresh, natural ingredients are the basis of Taylor Owen Beautiful so I like to surround my work area with fresh flowers at all times. They also relax me and add some visual appeal to my desk!