Dom Perignon Hosts Launch of James Houston’s Book Natural Beauty

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James Houston, photographer, director, and activist, was born in 1965, in Sydney, Australia. He began studying ceramic sculpture and design at school, and his background as a sculptor eventually influenced his graphic photographic style. While on a business trip to Tokyo in 1990, Houston bought a second-hand Nikon 35mm camera – at that time photography was just a hobby. However, his passion soon grew, and in 1993 he started working as a photographer. His first photographic exhibition, titled “Black and Blue”, focused on the human form interacting with nature and landscapes. Five award winning international books have been published on his work.

Houston’s latest project is Natural Beauty, which aims to raise awareness for the environment and funds for the environmental non-profit Global Green USA. In collaboration with MILK, Houston shot a series of striking portraits featuring some of the world’s leading models and celebrities. These captivating photographs bring together two of Houston’s great passions – the human form and the natural world. Natural Beauty launched at MILK Gallery in New York City this month. Houston also directed a web series on the ‘making of’ Natural Beauty, as well as several film installations for the exhibition.

A dinner celebrating the book and exhibition launch was hosted last night at Milk Studios with generous support from W magazine. Guests included Trent Fraser, Mazdack Rassi, James Houston, Adrian Grenier, Coco Rocha, Anja Rubik, Carolyn Murphy, Lincoln Pilcher, Jamie Burke, Amy Sacco, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Jenne Lombardo, Zani Gugelmann, Martha Hunt, Elettra Wiedemann, Casey Neistat, and Michael Avedon among other. While sipping Dom Perignon Vintage 2000, guests enjoyed a private preview of the exhibition.

Photo credit: BFA