Chicago Tribune Sends Pizza, Note to Boston Globe Staff


In yet another example of the country sticking together in times of tragedy, the Chicago Tribune, as a gesture of solidarity and appreciation for their Boston Marathon covering, sent over dozens of pizzas to the Boston Globe staff from a local Boston Pizzeria. The Chicago Tribune knows how much hard work and effort it takes to cover a story as emotional draining as this. The Boston Marathon bombing was a vicious and heartless attack, and covering an event like this takes long hours and a certain amount of diligence and sensitivity that’s very rare these days. So for the sleepless nights and constant coverage of the event the Tribune felt that it was the least they could do, even adding a note saying, “We can’t buy you lost sleep, so at least let us pick up lunch.”

The accompanying note further explained the sentiment behind the gesture saying, “We can only imagine what an exhausting and heartbreaking week it’s been for you and your city. But do know your newsroom colleagues here in Chicago and across the country stand in awe of your tenacious coverage. You make us all proud as journalists.” The note ended with, “Your friends at the Chicago Tribune.” What a nice gesture from the Chicago Tribune and besides the Boston Globe, I would like to show appreciation to all the members of the media who covered this story with the compassion it deserved, as well as all the police, firefighters, volunteers and doctors that helped with the aftermath.