Avant Gallery Exhibit Featuring #1 Instagram Artist Sensation Santlov


Avant Gallery on Miami Beach has been hosting an exhibit for the one-and-only Santlov, the most viral artist on Instagram. Santlov, who has already surpassed 350,000 followers within the past year, is a Miami-based photographer and graphic artist behind the ToysRLikeUs photography campaign. Santlov is known for seemingly realistic photographs of iconic toy characters, such as Toy Story, finding themselves stuck in everyday-like human scenarios. He was first influenced by the graffiti he saw on the streets of Miami, New York and London. He then decided to create his own street art, which helped him become the artist he is today.

Speaking of the ToysRLikeUs Campaign, Santlov said, “it was initially conceived to be a sort of parody…a way to poke fun at modern human trends and behaviors.” He mainly uses the toys he grew up playing with, and does very little editing to their photos. And it was Instagram that caused the campaign to go viral; in less than a year, Santlov gained an incredible amount of followers.

He will continue to share his realistic art with the world; but, for now, you can visit the Avant Gallery exhibit, which will be running through May 3rd. For more information on Santlov and his work, visit www.avantgallery.com, and follow him on Instagram: @santlov.