5Point Film Festival Brings Adventure to Screen in Carbondale

“Tough Guy” endurance races, kayaking in Mexico, cranberry bogs and growing up in the Roaring Fork Valley are just a few of the topics that 5Point Film Festival covers during its four days of film screenings in Carbondale, Aspen’s neighbor in the Roaring Fork Valley. 5Point started today and runs through Sunday, April 28. Though it’s only in its fifth year, the iconic festival has become an anticipated gathering of adventure film experts, industry filmmakers, athletes and local residents looking to celebrate arrival of summer and the spirit of shared experience through film.

Tickets are $28/adults, $13/children and on sale at the door. All movies are screened at the Carbondale Rec Center. For more information, visit 5Point.

Silence Split of a Second Tough Guy: The Legacy of Mr. Mouse