Romina Nabhen’s Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Focus – Spring Fragrances

Spring is approaching and there’s no better way to welcome in a new season than spritzing yourself with a new scent. I tend to choose the fragrance I wear based on my current mood, and these are the new fragrances that are causing quite the stir on the Saks beauty counters. Go ahead, pair your emotions with your scent. Try this out If you’re feeling…:


Flower Bomb is my go to fragrance when I am feeling flirty and feminine from head to toe. It’s not too complex and brings me fond memories of eating cotton candy at the fair.



l’eau Narciso Rodriguez for her is a playful and sexy scent. It forms a light veil over my body while making me feel elegant and maybe even a bit impulsive. Great for date night!


Aqua Fiorentina by Creed was inspired by the art & culture of the Renaissance in 15th century Florence, Italy. This fruity/floral fragrance is versatile enough to transition from day to evening while maintaining its potency. A true example of classic elegance, redefined.


Elie Saab great for everyday. When I’m on the run and need a quick spritz, I rely on this orange blossom, patchouli, cedar and honey rose infused perfume to get me out and about feeling complete.


Jo Malone Blackberry Bay is my preferred fragrance for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’ve worn this blackberry, grapefruit and floral & cedar scent to many a brunch. It’s also light enough to wear to the beach or after your evening shower.


The packaging of this MARNI perfume is sophisticated and a bit eccentric with its white poka dot bottle and bright red cap. On days that I feel like being the ultimate rebel, the individual who doesn’t feel like following trends; I rely on the fragrance to boost the fashion diva in me to full force. You’ll find cinnamon, rose, incense and ginger among other elements to this genius potion.


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