Private Luxury Styling & Shopping: Modewalk Opens Up Boudoir in San Francisco

In today’s world wrought with fast, disposable fashion, those seeking luxury are always looking for relics of the past where craftsmanship, heirloom quality and timelessness were all much lauded qualities in the items they choose to add to their collections.  It’s not just a wardrobe.  Catering to these collectors is Modewalk. launched almost 2 years ago with a different approach to e-tailing.  They wanted to lengthen the time spent by their client on the purchase process.  They wanted to curate and inform clients about the history and process of the designer.  Now with their success comes an actual brick and mortal location that follows their format of not just selling but creating an experience.  Designed as part Parisian salon part modern style lab by San Francisco interior designer Rachelle Sessions, Boudoir will allow Modewalk’s clients to meet with an in-house or external personal stylist in a private environment.  As the Co-founder and CEO Henri Deshays explained at the exclusive launch luncheon at Campton Place, “One guest at a time.  And there are no specific times.  We do specific pulls for each client appointment and it’s a haven of privacy and elegance.”  Boudoir is open by appointment only and each appointment has no set duration in length, nor is there any cost.  It’s about finding unique items for unique women.  As seen by the fashionable group at the luncheon, these women are collectors and not just consumers.  Pictures by Drew Altizer and more seen here.'s Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon





Haute Living San Francisco received a sneak peek of this wonderful place and invites you to make your appointment soon.

Boudoir – 391 Sutter Street Suite 702
To make an appointment contact: concierge@modewalk.comor check out for more details.