Filini Bar & Restaurant’s Puppy Bowl Viewing Party

Not a sports fan? Tired of hearing everyone talk about the Super Bowl this Sunday? Want an alternative to the Super Bowl? Do you like puppies and great food? If you answered yes to these questions, especially the last one, then I have the perfect event for you. But before I mention it, let me just apologize for sounding like a late-nigh infomercial in my opening, although it’s funny. Anyway, the event is the Puppy Bowl IX viewing party at the Filini Bar and Restaurant (221 North Columbus Drive).

The Puppy Bowl is an alternative to the Super Bowl for dog lovers. It’s really a big deal in the dog world, but I’m pretty sure you animal lovers already know this. Airing on the Animal Planet and drawing in 8.7 million viewers last year, the Puppy Bowl is an adorable game where puppies carry a chew toy into the end zone like furry little football players.

The Filini is located in the landmark Aqua Tower, adjacent to the luxurious (and pet-friendly) Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. The viewing party is a chance for dog owners to hang out and ignore the rest of the world that will be solely concentrating on the Super Bowl. It’s also for a good cause, 10% of the restaurant’s profits made during the event goes to PAWS Chicago.

The chef of the restaurant, Will Johnson, is an avid dog lover and will prepare treats for the dogs to enjoy. Owners are not left out; you can enjoy all the exquisitely prepared Italian cuisine and themed cocktails that the restaurant has to offer. The viewing party is free; you just have to buy food of course. The event will commence at 2:00 pm on Sunday, February 3, 2013. If you would like more information about Filini or the event you can call 312-477-0234. And for all those who love both dogs and sports, you can actually watch both, as the Super Bowl doesn’t start until long after the Puppy Bowl.