Dom Pérignon Releases New Vintage Rosé

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When celebrating a special event — or even just the arrival of the weekend — there’s no better way than cracking open a bottle of champagne. Dom Pérignon recently released its newest vintage, the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002.

The 2002 rose “has the capacity to take the light,” Dom Pérignon cellar master Richard Geoffroy told BlackBook. “It has an intensity that goes beyond the taste buds, leading to complexity and memory,” he continued, emphasizing the “overall palate sensation” and “contradictions and lines of tension.”

One of the things that separates Dom Pérignon from other champagnes is the company’s value of quality over quantity. During years when the grape harvest is anything less than stellar, the champagne is not produced. This generally adds up to wines being produced three to five years out of every decade, and it’s very rare to have three vintage years in a row.