The 49ers arrive in New Orleans for Superbowl XLVII in Luxury Style

It’s been 18 years since the 49ers have gone to a Superbowl and everyone wants to make sure all the players are in tiptop shape, mentally and physically as the big game arrives. No expense was spared to ensure that the players had a comfortable flight over to New Orleans.  Specifically, the seats weren’t just the normal cramped economy seats.  Instead of booking their usual 757 airplane for a Delta charter flight to the Super Bowl, the 49ers upgraded and took an internationally decked out 747.  Therefore, the plane featured roughly 30 adjustable seats that folded back like beds, each in its own mini-cubicle.   Those 30 seats were given out by seniority and center Jonathan Goodwin, only in his second season with the team said, “Normally I can’t do that on a plane. That’s the first time we’ve had those since I’ve been here.”  They were served a delicious and hearty spaghetti and meatballs meal as well.

Rookies and the coaching staff, including head coach Jim Harbaugh, sat back in coach.

As seen by the candid pictures taken for the 49ers website, you can see how these men love their Louis Vuitton luggage. No doubt it’s their preferred luxury brand of luggage.

And what if they win?  Can you imagine how the 49ers will travel back?

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