Best Places for Delivery or Catering this Superbowl Sunday in SF

While we listed the top places to go rowdy in public for the 49ers yesterday, this post is for those going to or hosting private parties.  Superbowl Sunday is about tradition and it’s the day to indulge in some classic American sportsman tailgating cuisine:  BBQ, Pizza, Buffalo wings and other fried delicacies.  However at Haute Living San Francisco, we like to ensure our beer is frothy and from the tap and our finger foods don’t leave too much of a greasy trail.  The best way to have a great party is to call up one of the great restaurants like Defina, Zero Zero, or Flour+Water and see if they’ll truly cater on Sunday.  We also ways love Taste and McCalls for catering.  But for those who want something smaller or have something more casual planned here’s a list of places that deliver kegs, hot wings and pizza on game day.

BevMo or Mike’s Liquors

Let your fingers do the walking and tech start ups like GetItNow App from postmates or TaskRabbit to deliver it to you if you’re using BevMo.  BevMo! boasted over 100 different kegs available for pick up and some of the finest ales from Gordon Biersch and even local brewery 21st Amendment.   For those who prefer a more personal touch and don’t want to take anything for chance, Mike’s Liquors provides seamless delivery, set up and extraction of the keg.

Hot Sauce and Panko – They’re so good they’re not taking any extra orders on Sunday.  In fact they’re closed unless for pick up.  Despite this laundry list of do’s and don’t, we are recommending you place a large order here at this Inner Richmond place because their wings are undeniable the best in San Francisco.   With more than like 8 different flavors like green (chile with cilantro), KFC (korean fried chicken or see Momofuku style as a reference) or classic buffalo, this place can be a one stop shop for pleasing any kind of crowd.  Just pick it up before the game or have the GetItNow App from postmates or TaskRabbit do it for you.

Patxi’s for deep dish everywhere,  Za in Russian Hill, and Marcello’s in Castro or Escape from NY for Delivery Pizza – Traditions of when the doorbell rings at halftime causing a Pavlovian stampede to the door are too deeply ingrained to be overlooked.   What we noticed is that those searching for a crust that can handle a 30 minute or more delay time often has cornmeal in it – hence our suggestion for Patxi’s and Za.  However, those die hard East Coast pizza eaters can’t stand that kind of blasphemy and need a thin crust so we also suggested Escape from NY whose chewy crust has us nostalgic about hazy Collegetown pizza days at Cornell.  We suggest ordering before the game and setting up delivery to ensure a seamless party.