900 Shops’ Fifth Annual “TAX FREE” Weekend

Lovers of shopping and luxury can rejoice, the 900 North Michigan Shops are hosting their fifth annual “TAX FREE” weekend February 16-18th, and it’s going to be big. Chicago has one of the highest sales tax in the country so this is a big deal, especially when it’s at the stores at 900 North Michigan. Over 40 shops will be offering 9.25% discount to all shoppers at stores like J. Crew, Club Monaco, Michael Kors Collection, Original Penguin, DEKA Chicago and more. This discount applies to sale items and all. All you have to do is visit the 900 North Michigan Shops website and enter your email address to receive your Access Pass and you can enjoy shopping without that ugly sales tax. And to make the weekend sweeter, there will be an exclusive “Alexander Hamilton” $10 parking rate on the days of the sale for anyone with a proof of purchase. And if you have never been or missed Haute Living Chicago’s feature on the 900 North Michigan Shops, check out the excerpt below.

“900 North Michigan Avenue is a visually stunning, remarkable 450,000 square foot property that features 70 luxury retailers. Although it’s located on the northern end of the Magificent Mile, this is quite literally the center of the Chicago shopping universe. And I say that with full respect to the hundreds of other amazing shopping destinations on the Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast. The 900 North Michigan shops transcends your normal upscale shopping environment, it exceeds the level of luxury any other shopping center provides, this is a one of a kind shopping experience.”