Morgan Fisher Exhibit Opens at Aspen Art Museum

To add some color to your life, look no further than the Aspen Art Museum. The non-collecting institution’s new exhibit features the bright work of Morgan Fisher, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker-turned-artist. It’s the first American exhibition to focus solely on his painting.

“Morgan Fisher: Conversations” opened on Thursday and runs through Feb. 3. Six large replica “security booths”–copied from the one that will stand at the home of the new art museum in downtown Aspen–stand in a circle, opposing each other in position but complementing in regard to the color wheel. In the back room, a series of prints demonstrates his playfulness with pattern and color on a smaller scale.

In the 1970s, Fisher worked on experimental films, deconstructing the actual film process and putting into the spotlight the aspects of film which are generally hidden: assistants, editors, sound engineers. He then moved into the world of paint, and has continued to explore the systems of perspective and color relations.

In the upstairs gallery, BLOCK, PILLAR, SLAB, BEAM also opened. The exhibit brings together four Latin American artists–Jorge Méndez Blake, Alexandre da Cunha, Amalia Pica, and Gabriel Sierra–to explore found objects and the elements of the built environment. It runs through Jan. 20, 2013.