Magnolia Offers Cupcakes to Say ‘I do’

Created especially for the occasion of saying “I do” – Magnolia Bakery now offers beautiful wedding cakes and desserts in honor of your wedding day. Located in Bloomingdales’ home section, this much-loved bakery offers custom baked goods, including cupcakes, deconstructed wedding cakes, dessert tables and personalized wedding favors as well as services for delivering, decorating and setting-up your desserts. We’re hooked!

Go for the deconstructed wedding cake, a contemporary twist to the traditional tiered wedding cake as well a way to imbue personality to your dessert table. Couples can choose from a variety of flavors and colors which are laid out to transform your wedding cake into an edible arrangement
of delectable desserts.

Also go for the customized cupcake trees – adjustable to match the size of your wedding, Magnolia offers a selection of metal and cardboard cupcake trees that can be decorated with ribbons, pearl pins, fresh or silk flowers, all of which can be customized to match your color palette and theme.

At once personal, decorative and delicious, never have cupcakes been devised for such a memorable occasion!

Magnolia Bakery is located in the home section of Bloomingdales at The Dubai Mall +971 43505440.