Live In A Lincoln Park Classic

The North Side of the city is filled with lots and lots of beautiful, upscale, luxurious neighborhoods. One of the most recognized is Lincoln Park, it’s one of the premiere locations in the entire city. If you have ever wanted to be a resident of this classic neighborhood, now is the time. The price has just been slightly reduced on a Renaissance style co-op on Fullerton.

It’s a great apartment with all the historical charm you expect from anything that’s considered classic. The agent even claims it’s the most intact apartment in the whole building with “scalloped marble windowsills, herringbone wood floors, ornate brass door hardware, decorative wire grills in the radiator covers and lighted built-in curio cabinets.” The only reason the current couple is moving is because the commute to work is too long for the husband. The current owners have lived in and loved the 14th floor beauty for over a decade.

The apartment boasts high ceilings in the library, living and dining rooms, which also has lots of crown molding for those who are absolutely in love with the feature. The house has four bedrooms, 3 and ½ bathrooms and a square footage of over 3,000. It’s an extremely classy property that features expansive views of the city. At first listed at $1.499 million, the price is now $1.45 million and is poised to sell rather quickly. If you are interested in buying or receiving more information you can contact Emily Sachs Wong at 312-642-1400 or

Source & Images: Dennis Rodkin/Deal Estate/Tribune