Inside Audemars Piguet in New York – An Up Close Look at Five Exceptional Watches

Last Week, HauteTime was able to have a VIP Appointment with Audemars Piguet US Boutiques Manager Jasmine Bapic. We got an walk through the Boutique on 57th Street in Manhattan, and we chose five amazing watches that were available exclusivleey in the boutique, that we felt would merit the attention of our readers.

Openworked Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

The First Piece is one of our favorites, and the Winner of the 1st Annual Haute Time Madness. Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Openworked Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. We love this piece, and with so little avialble, it was a treat to be able to touch the walk, let alone a buyer be able to purchase this piece.

40th Anniversary Audemars Piguet Jumbo Royal Oak

The Next Piece is another new piece for 2012. It is the 40th Anniversary Audemars Piguet Jumbo Royal Oak, in Rose Gold. The watch is brand new, and what is unique is the dial, as it has a blue dial.

The third piece was the 4th Edition of the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm collection. It literally just came into the store, and was a treat to be able to see this piece live, and report it is available for purchase. The watch was unique in that it was platinum, and had a blue dial, along with a blue crocodile strap. It is very rare for them to have a blue crocodile strap, which is one of the unique features ofthis edition.

Leo Messi Royal Oak

The fourth piece was to show one of the pieces from the limited edition series which was the Leo Messi Royal Oak. The watch was the Rose Gold Version, as the watch was a numbered edition, for the world’s best soccer player. There are only two watches in the US, and this is 1 of the 2.

Jules Audemars Large Date Tourbillon

The fifth, and final watch was from the Jules Audemars Collection. We chose the Jules Audemars Large Date Tourbillon. We liked this piece, as it was unique from the other pieces we chose, and showed the sophisticated of the brand in creating a Classical Look, that is pure artwork with the tourbillon engine.

We had a great time talking with Jasmine, and was a lot of fun picking five watches that are very limited, but available in the store. For more information, please visit the store on 57th Avenue, 65 East 57th Street, next to the FourSeasons Hotel. Or for more information on the watches, feel free to give them a call (212) 688-6644.