Haute Restaurant: L2O

L2O has been through a lot in the four years it has been open. It dropped from three stars to two in the Michelin guide (which is still extremely impressive) and hada big controversy over the original chef, Laurent Gras, leaving, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the amazing food that L2O continues to make and the experience is still incredible. L2O is now on its third chef, Matthew Kirkley, and he uses new and traditional cooking methods to create the best seafood dishes he can possibly make.

Kirkley was promoted from within the L2O kitchen so he’s not new to the restaurant and he has been at the helm for the last year. He welcomed the two stars in the Michelin Guide so he could build his own menu and earn the three stars down the road. He has taken a very respectable and intelligent stance indeed. By using the best ingredients available he is gunning to make L2O a three star masterpiece while “exploring the intricacies of fish and shellfish in artful compositions.” I trust he knows what he’s doing, he grew up crab fishing with his father in Chesapeake Bay, so you know he has a respect and admiration for the food he’s creating. You can get everything from lobster tails to caviar in this restaurant, to see the full cuisine list, click here. If you would like to book a table, click here. Seafood lovers will not be disappointed.

L2O is set within the historic Belden-Stratford building adjacent to Lincoln Park at 2300 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago IL 60614. The restaurant is also available for private events seven days a week. You can reach them by phone at 773-868-0002.