Elizabeth Restaurant: Unique Fine Dining

There has been a couple restaurants featured on here that uses the infamous ticketing system but this one takes the cake. Elizabeth is smaller and more communal than the others. Chef/Owner Iliana Regan has come a long way to make her dream of opening this restaurant, and she is doing it the exact way she envisioned. Starting with the small step of selling her pierogis filled with local, homegrown goods at farmers markets, they eventually reached local stores and start receiving high praise from those who tasted them. After opening her home to guests to allow them to experience her cooking, she eventually received the backing to open her restaurant. As tribute to her sister, she named it Elizabeth Restaurant (4835 North Western, Unit D).

The restaurant is all about farm to table, maintaining a local, organic and sustainable aesthetic is the key to this restaurant’s charm. Elizabeth has the communal way of dining to keep the staff small and the space intimate. They are focused on being as Earth conscious as possible. It may scare some when you hear this but by all accounts (check the reviews) Elizabeth Restaurant is churning out some amazing cuisine using the finest ingredients around. Although you may be lucky enough to one day catch an occasion walk-in seat, your best bet is to buy a ticket in advance. Ranging from $65-$205, this is the ticket to an unique culinary treat.

Photo: Jennifer Moran/Jen Moran Photography/Chicago Mag