Zumba Away at DanceFit

Dance, dance and dance away! Across the world people are dancing up a storm with Zumba, a calorie-burning dance fitness work-out inspired by Latin culture. One of the fastest growing dance-fitness programs has made its way to Dubai where residents are quickly enrolling in Zumba classes throughout the city. Columbia native Monica Pulgarin, has recently opened DanceFit on Sheikh Zayed Road to Zumba lovers in Dubai ready to let the rhythm take over and shake the weight away.

Monica came to Dubai 12 years ago as a Latin dancer and then gave up dancing to open up an events company. “When I stopped dancing, I lost shape completely,” she says. “I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I didn’t want to go back to the performing part of dancing, but I needed to move. I began researching how to combine dance with fitness and found Zumba.” When she began doing Zumba, her body suddenly got back into the shape she had when she was dancing – long, lean and toned instead of bulky and built up from training in the gym. “I realized pretty quickly how addictive this dance fitness program had become; this simple yet effective exercise methodology is what makes Zumba® so successful,” she explains.

Motivating and lots of fun, Zumba classes at DanceFit are addictive. Having danced throughout my life as first a classical ballet dancer and now with a more contemporary focus, my first Zumba class at Monica’s studio was not just a work out, but a class with real dance moves sequenced to give you a taste of Salsa, Rumba and Meringue. The space features beautiful large studios with wood floors and also a children’s play area for mother’s who would like to bring their kids.

Monica and her staff are passionate, lots of fun and encouraging. The only disappointment to this new hot Zumba spot is the location, which can be a bit difficult to find at first. I had to enter in from the Cassanova furniture to find the studio on the backside – not so bad once you get the hang of it. So for your first does of Zumba, head over to the Sheikh Zayed Road location and sign up for their hourly classes starting at 7am through 8pm at night.

DanceFit is located on Sheikh Zayed Road just above Cassanova. The entrance is found at the rear of Cassanova, first floor Unit 105. Tel: +971 505595971.