Powerful and Luxurious: 3LAB’s Super Cream Comes to Dubai

Luscious and incredibly effective, 3LAB’s brand new Super Cream hits Dubai this month after selling out in New York and LA. The coveted cream is laden with rich high grade antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin B derivative Pantethonic acid to deliver miraculous results. Within just three weeks of its launch at Barneys in New York and Los Angeles in October, more than 30 jars of 3LAB’s new Super Cream had sold out. We’re anxious to get our hands on the new cream here! Derived from the Greek word pántothen, meaning “from all quarters,” pantothenic acid is known as the ‘anti-stress’ element. In addition to preventing ageing of the skin, it is believed to be responsible for hindering everything from grey hair to cancer. Many products tout Pantothenic acid as an ingredient, however, these often fail to effectively deliver the ingredient to the deeper layers of skin. 3LAB’s Super Cream combines this miracle ingredient with ITDC technology to drive the essential anti-ageing elements to where they are needed.  Fans are saying Super Cream is better than Botox – and who can blame them?! A host of celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Anna Lynne McCord are users of the cream. It retails at $875 in the US and AED 3,150 in the UAE where it is sold exclusively at Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols.