H&M and Maison Martin Margiela Are Ready for Buyers on Saturday

Is waiting in line worth the wait for all those infamous threads that H&M offers on that, bone chilling morning, each November? And which morning must one ask, that is? The most infamous, break of dawn morning, that not even a Starbucks is open in site…is the month of November! The one day only, in that month, that has featured designers such as; Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Versace or this November’s featured designer Maison Martin Margiela! Margiela who? If one must have to inquire about this Paris designer, than off with their head! Someone might need to alert the media and keep the universe informed, that Margiela is actually going to grace us with those avant-garde threads to H&M!

It’s not every day one can skip into Barney’s, smash a piggy bank and give away their whole life savings…for just one shoe and not the whole pair! One can’t just glide into any store and find these elite threads just hanging out on a rack, because they won’t be there waiting for you! Consider the US to be lucky that H&M and Margiela have given consumers the option of stepping out of time out and trying on a Margiela garment for the first time! It’s feels as if there has been a permanent time out for fashion; until H&M started their annual November featured designer slots each year. Do they care about fashion obsessed queens wants and needs and their budgets? What would budget buying, fashion ecstatic machines do, without these limited time offers? Rob a bank? Shop at Dress Barn? Or maybe robbing an armored car? That might not be the best option, since in the big house; you can only sport an orange jumpsuit and not a pair of Margiela’s footwear is in sight! So if one needs a little push and shove, there will definitely be a lot of this at this premiered event. So strap on that armor, no sword is intended and know what you are hunting for? If one needs a list of what to scavenger for, here are a few hints and clues;

First off, mark your calendar for November 15th and set that clock for the early 5am… or wait until the rooster crows at 6! Don’t worry, it can be chilly, but 6am has arrived and spotting the nearest Starbucks, before the launch, is like finding gold! Not to mention, those free gifts in your hands, for those dedicated early risers! Now for the menu…where does one begin?
From price points of $13-$399, something can definitely be stuffed into a bag or wrapped around those shoulders, when strutting that new piece out of the doors! One can definitely use a chunky, over sized turtle neck sweater for $149 or a narrow shoulder blazer jacket for $99, which would go with more, in the professional field! Or is one is just taste testing and wants to feed their appetite, until full, read the next line! Please try on the Duvet Coat for $349 an d please do not remove, as the same tag you read on a mattress! This futuristic, wrap around duvet coat, might send one to catch some ZZZZ’s or catch a snapshot of one on the next fashion media site! It’s a to die for coat, but does cost a bargain pretty penny, so maybe another ensemble could be the Darted Sweater for $129! In which this sweater pairs well with basic black leggings, has that high collared turtleneck and is definitely an urban trend setting sweater of the season. One could be here all day discussing the collection, but wouldn’t that give away the whole collection? Why not just try the whole collection and see what that appetite prefers? P.S. Men are also required to attend for their appetite too! So ladies, kidnap those gentlemen and make a run for H&M!