A Drink and a Good Nibble: Roberto’s Lounge Concept

Sleek, sophisticated and buzzing with activity, Roberto’s has been open just shy of six months and already it’s hard to get a table on any given night of the week. This utterly delicious Italian hot spot has launched a new lounge concept for those who prefer to nibble as they drink. The option also works in the favor of many eager diners who arrive with no table available – the next best is to grab a drink, relax and let Lounge Manager Luca Gagliardi assist you.

When you make it to Roberto’s bar, it feels like you’ve just entered on a sleek yet cozy place for an aperitivo in Milan. Men in suits are seen in abundance as are women in elegant attire and dainty high-heeled shoes – we are, of course, in the DIFC financial district which is also one of the homes of Dubai’s biggest concentration of art galleries. Friendly waiters and waitresses will come to serve you as you stand at your table or sit in a nearby table on the terrace. Have them suggest a few of the restaurant’s top Italian wines as well as its signature aperitivos. They’ll also bring you a menu, which is always tempting to look at – even if you’re just there for drinks – given Roberto’s renowned Italian dishes all of which have their own contemporary twist. My personal favorite dishes are the Baked Seabass and Roman-style artichokes with marinated tomato and ratte potatoes – succulent, moist and full of fresh ingredients, this dish is hearty, smooth and hits the spot. I also love the Oven Baked Egglant with parmesan, mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil which is delectably fresh and savory.

While I’ve certainly enjoyed many sit-down dinners within the restaurant, most recently the evening seems to be relegated immediately to the bar, especially if you haven’t booked several days ahead of time. Yes, Roberto’s, in just a few months, has become this popular. The Lounge concept is, as the Italians would say a good via di mezzo or middle ground. You get the buzz of activity, the pleasure of a few good drinks and the option of delicious and heartening Italian cuisine.

Roberto’s is located in DIFC Gate Village, Tel: +971 43860066. www.robertos.ae.