Free-Spirited: See By Chloe Winter 2012 Collection

This winter’s See By Chloe girl has set out to be vibrant, radical and free. Freed from the main collection, she teases the house style codes, unabashedly putting her silhouette on display. Her new attitude toward fashion is, above all, not to look like everyone else. Her wardrobe is more urban than ever featuring supple, mesh, transparent and ultra-fine fabrics which gracefully outline the contours of the body.

Colors of lime and olive green, light grey, taupe and white reveal contrasts of shadow and light. With these garments everything is implied, not overtly stated; even the palette of black hues is luminous. In the daytime, sweaters and knits worn over a jean jacket or leather top, replace coats. At night, flowing mesh becomes a sexy evening gown, accompanied by a jacket with a masculine twist and a pair of boots for a unique, off-beat look.To be the most beautiful while conveying nonchalance – this seems to be the See By fashion attitude.

See by Chloe is available at Mall of the Emirates, +971 43951880.