All Aboard! SF Fall Antique Show docks on Oct 25-Oct 28th, Gala on the 24th

One of the highlights of our design-centric city’s social calendar,  the SF Fall Antique show will be back this year with a nautical theme to celebrate how SF is the host city for the 2013 America’s Cup races.  While there’s always a bounty of beautifully curated and crafted on-offs, many of the items will relate to cruising, boating and sea-scaped adventures.

From talismanic ship figureheads to useful scientific instruments, evocative Impressionist seascapes to stunning coral jewelry, romantic “shipwreck” porcelain to intricately carved pieces of scrimshaw- there is no end to the list of objects that are inspired by the sea.  Finely detailed models depict magnificent shipping vessels and elegant yachts; majestic silver trophies celebrate maritime accomplishments; and evocative shell- work table decoration bring some of the sea’s natural abundance into our living rooms.  Tools made for practical use at sea, such as fishing anchors and yachting flags, attract us with their strong visual presence.   The world of nautical art and antiques offer treasures for every type of collector, and here we present an array of delights to enjoy.

The SFFAS launches with a benefit gala Preview Party on the 24th.  Tickets for gala or show available here.  All proceeds from the show go to Enterprise for High School Students, an organization that engages and empowers Bay Area high school students to develop skills for their future through job readiness training, employment, and career exploration.

Some of the highlights will be a personal appearance and book signing by actress Diane Keaton on the 25th.

For those off shore, you can still join in the fun since One Kings Lane is offering many items online for purchase.