Zuma Dubai Turns Four

Our favorite Japanese restaurant has just celebrated its four year anniversary. Zuma’s Dubai branch opened its doors in 2008 and since then has become one of the city’s most popular venues. It has also been instrumental in placing the city on the international culinary map as a go-to destination for award-winning cuisine. We celebrate Zuma’s fourth year with a list of impressive statistics.


Four Years of Zuma in Numbers: 

67,200 raspberry passion martinis equates to 323 per week

51,584 non-alcoholic cleansers equates to 248 per week

370,560 bottles of Voss water equates to 1,781 per week

240,960 bottles of Asahi Japanese beer

48,000 kilograms of charcoal burned

Over 800,000 chopsticks used

Over 800,000 napkins laundered

Over 525,000 cars parked by the valets

87,500 tracks played at our DJ counter

6,700 live DJ performances

17,472 hours of music

10,406 Facebook Fans!

Go check Zuma Dubai out and add to the numbers!

Zuma +971 44255660 www.zumarestaurant.ae