What’s On My Desk: Douglas Elliman’s Marisela Cotilla

Marisela Cotilla serves as the Managing Broker for Douglas Elliman and also assists the Commercial Division as a Director for Palm Beach. Known to most as a prestigious real estate firm based out of New York, Douglas Elliman is recognized for its dominance in the luxury homes sales environment. Cotilla is based out of their newly opened Boca Raton office, but spends all her time visiting any one of the eight offices in South Florida. While she’s out and about, here are the items she leaves behind on her desk.

Item #1:  A little sign that states ‘What would you do today, if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ Cotilla says, “I think it not only defines me, but expresses the attitude and motivation needed to be successful in our profession. Now that doesn’t mean you jump out of a plane without a parachute, but rather you plan, you research, you prepare and then after checking your chute twice you jump.”

Item #2: Two rows of wooden chairs hanging on the desk wall that depicts the evolution of a chair design.  They are made in wood and remind her that even simple things with simple uses, change over time.  They are great conversation piece while providing warmth to the space.

Item #3:  On a much lighter side, she have a bronze monkey, with his arms above his head holding a tray containing my business cards. “I love it,” she says. “It took me a while to find him, but it was love at first sight.”

Item #4:  Though she cheats a bit with some information about What’s On Her Wall, Cotilla’s office is surrounded by art.  “Some of our favorite pieces are from the artist DeBillzan whom warms and adds color in any environment.  He uses many mediums.  Incorporating his work provides our Agents and Visitors a splash of colors and a sense of the diversity that best describes South Florida.”

Item #5:  As to the object that is most personal and what motivates her life is the picture she has of her husband and her family.  “They are my grounding force,” she says.  “The reason I work hard and the reason I strive to balance the professional with the personal.  They remind me that success without them means nothing.  I have many blessings but family is always in my fore front.  They also instill in me that desire to play, laugh and incorporate fun into my day to day.”