Sparse Elegance: Marni Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The new Marni Spring/Summer 2013 Collection exudes a subtle sense of elegance. Through voluptuous architectural creations it explores a weightless sense of volume. Form is thus reduced to its pure essence, laid bare to expose the precision of the cut and beauty of the fabric. The garments made for this collection don’t snug the body – they stand away and gently draw take shape from the moving contours surrounding the wearer.

Silhouettes are clean and sculpted: A-line, trapeze and to the knee. The line is effortless yet compact while light and air play with shapes and surfaces. A sense of spontaneity is focal to the collection: dresses look like they’ve had a serendipitous encounter; the fabric seems to be folded nonchalantly, rather than cut, into the final shape. Pleats and peplums are also found and create sensuous additions on tops and skirts. There is an overall tension between delicacy and strictness which adds nuance: short-sleeved shirts and matching pants are as efficient as uniforms.

Prints highlight and gently distort the neatness of the design. The color palette is essential and minimal, with delicate accents and deep peaks: white, black, dark green, touches of aqua, pale grey, orange, red and purple. Firm, compact fabrics enhance the bare pureness of the lines and are found in the form of cotton canvas, tape jacquard and bonded leather.

Accessories designed to accompany these airy and free garments have a modernist feel. Pointed open-toe slingbacks with a metal wedge and wooden platform flats resemble sinuous architectures while bags are precise and boxy styles with padlocks, rectangular models in geometric weaves of leather and pvc and oversized purses.

Marni’s new collection is ethereal, otherworldly and doesn’t abide to strict lines and forms. It is for the serendipitous encounter and for a bit of wild flair.

Marni, Mall of the Emirates, +971 43549417