Haute Scent – Francis Kurkdjian @ NM Walnut Creek

Francis Kurkdjian’s nose knows what’s right and what’s off.  An immensely talented perfumer, he started with no small feat – deconstructing and re-creating Marie Antoinette’s signature fragrance as well as collaborating with fashion greats like Jean Paul Gaultier.  He won the lifetime achievement award from Coty when he was merely 32 years old and was knighted in 2008 by the French Ministry of Culture.

He opened his own Maison Francis Kurkdjian in 2009 and has been crafting artisan scents since.   Lucky for us Bay Area residents, Monsieur Kurkdjian is coming to Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek for a personal appearance and launching his newest scent, Amyris, a mixture of amyris resin and rhizome of the Florentine iris that gives hints of a floral woody nature for women and woody, fresh aromatic notes for men.

Remember that incredible scent wafting through Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek during FNO?  YES those bubbles were scented by his creations!   Come by from 11AM-3PM to meet him and to have one of your new bottles signed by him.