Haute Event Recap – Opening Night of the SF Opera

One of the highlights of the fall society calender is the opening night gala of the SF opera.  Months in advance, socialites talk about who’s wearing who to avoid the horror of being a twin or start their couture orders to ensure a unique look.  Primed from a days worth of primping, these beautiful birds flock together to celebrate the grand opening night of the SF Opera, the second largest opera companies in North America.

The night featured Verdi’s “Rigoletto,” and was attended by thousands of well-heeled guests, many who paid the top tier price of $5,000 per ticket for the dinner and performance.  The theme of the night was Notte di Splendore and it was certainly a splendid amount raised (rumors are that over seven figures are now in the SF opera’s coffers).

With so many elegant and stunning looks, we can only feature a few, but all can be found on society photographer, Drew Altizer’s site.