Quench and Rejuvenate: ALO Drinks Hit Dubai

Adriana Ambrosio drinking O.N.E Coconut Water.


If you’re yearning to keep refreshed and rejuvenated during Dubai’s hottest months, try a healthy solution instead of the carbonated drink you’d normally pick up on the run. The ALO range comes in different flavors, is low in sugar and contain natural pieces of aloe vera.

Known for its healing and rejuvenating properties, aloe vera also aids digestion  thus encouraging weight loss. The beverage is produced by New Age Beverages, a team of entrepreneurs who enjoyed drinks such as Honest, Honest Kids, O.N.E Coconut Water and Alo while abroad. They knew that such quenchers would appeal to a broad range of ages and nationalities in the UAE. The company aims to provide consumers with refreshing and healthy beverages that meet the brand’s motto to “drink naturally.”

These addictive drinks use no preservatives, colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. Available in a variety of flavors such as enticing honey and pomegranate-cranberry, these drinks are full of vitamins and beneficial minerals. Take one swig and you’ll be in for more.

ALO drinks are now available across the UAE. Visit www.nabdrinks.com for more information.