Robert Ettinger

Robert Ettinger, the company director of Ettinger – a private show room of leather goods and accessories, has developed a quintessentially British product with a modern twist. The elegant and clean lines of his collection maybe classic in design but the use of texture and colour is outstanding. Ettinger is also a Royal Warrant Holder. It is interesting in that he still has a factory in Walsall, homing in on the skills that have been passed from generation to generation that are necessary to produce small luxury hand made leather products. He has no plans to move his production to the Far East, preferring to offer a specialised service that does not offer mass market products but comparatively small numbers, a bespoke and a post sales service. His challenge for the future will be from the ever increasing demand for his merchandise. Robert, himself, is an interesting person who loves to travel to remote areas, ski and bicycle leisurely through the Greek southern mainland and islands. He is a great lover of jazz and blues, a qualified ski instructor and an avid reader.