Haute Interview: Anushka in Palm Beach

Standing prominently on Okeechobee Boulevard, in the heart of the Palm Beaches next to the welcoming CITYPLACE sign, is Anushka. This full-service premier spa and aesthetic institute boasts 12,000 square feet on a penthouse level. Bonus: free valet parking just steps from the door – a rarity in Cityplace! Established in 1973 in Manhattan, this beauty mecca has earned many awards, accolades and notoriety in its three decades of business. Their unparalleled service and professional staff, as well as their ability to stay ahead of the trends, is what makes Anushka Spa Salon & Cosmedical the ultimate place for A-list clientele. Anushka’s celebrity clientele list is a who’s who of A-list glamour. The famous and the fashionable are among the many women, including Naomi Campbell, Ivana Trump, Venus and Serena Williams, Kristin Chenoweth, Susan Lucci, Iman and Stephanie Seymour.
HL: What is the story behind Anushka – how did you gain such a remarkable reputation? A: I started with a family member in a townhouse in Manhattan. Through word of mouth we began to grow exponentially in clientele and soon outgrew the townhome. Additionally, we partnered with Nyana (American immigration service for Europeans) and employed European cosmetologists, who provided a completely different approach to beauty services—some that weren’t available anywhere else at the time.
HL: What do you attribute to your success? A: Personalized service and dedication to the practice—having a true passion for what we’re doing and relying heavily on solid relationships. HL: What are three phrases you think of when you think of ‘Anushka’: A: Special personal attention, responsibility and privilege to provide, delivery of results.
HL: What are three phrases you think a customer thinks of when they hear ‘Anushka’: A: Desire to experience, impeccable service, exceeding expectations of feeling beautiful.
HL: How often are there new services added to the menu?A: In order to aid the merging of beauty, science and technology, we are constantly seeking innovative beauty enhancers and treatments and adapting them at our facility. We also put out brand new specials and packages each month.
Visit www.anushkaspa.com for more information.