Haute Event: "Paris is Burning" Bastille Party by Art Point

Photography Credit:  Moanalani Jefferies
Date:  July 14th, 2012
Location:  de Young Museum

With the confetti settling down from what was fabulous fete thrown by Art Point, the young benefactors to the de Young Museum, Haute Living is giving you the eye candy and an insider’s recap.

There was a tribute to JPG done in a culinary medium with a chocolate bustier dedicated to the signature cone bustier as worn by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour as well as a tutu made out of bread aptly titled, Pain Tutu.  The Bastille day party was complete with all the brie one could desire from Marin French Cheese and lots of cocktails made with Blue Angel Vodka, which one could easily find since the bar was marked by an Eiffel Tower replica.    And of course the of-the-minute French desert, macarons, were a hit of the night.  Whether it was the live string quartet or a more dance-inducing DJ, each room had it’s own playlist and atmosphere.  Many saved a memory with the hilarious photo booth that had funny accessories like mustaches and berets.

However, the best part of the night was the crowd and the ability to enjoy the exhibit at night. From  sundresses to full on ball gowns, this crowd represented how diverse San Francisco can be with its charity circuit icons to the up and coming low key art enthusiasts.   The pics below: