Gifts for Eid: A History of Gift-Giving at Tiffany & Co.

Ramadan is a month of religious observance, tolerance, peace and generosity. The act of gift giving is longstanding tradition within Islam originating back to the time of the Prophet Mohammad who believed that exchanging gifts would strengthen the bonds between Muslims and non-Muslims. For those desiring to buy meaningful presents for their loved ones during Eid Al-Fitr, the festival of fast-breaking which marks the end of Ramadan, Tiffany & Co. offers a selection of meaningful bespoke and precious items.

Featuring pieces from the brand’s latest collection as well as classic and iconic items, upon purchase a Tiffany jewelry piece is placed within the brand’s special blue gift box colored the distinctive shade of robin’s egg chosen by the brand’s founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. The boxes were so coveted that in 1906 the New York Sun reported, “Tiffany has one thing in stock that you cannot buy of him for as much money as you may offer; he will only give it to you. And that is one of his boxes.” Ever since then, the brand’s Blue Box has made hearts beat faster, signifying the magic and promise of the keepsake inside.

Throughout its history Tiffany & Co. has continued to build a rich legacy for gift giving. Attracted to the beauty and simplicity of the brand’s jewelry, Statesman, performers and countless personalities have purchased items from Tiffany to gift to loved ones. One such example took place in 1861 President Abraham Lincoln presented his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, with a suite of pearls from Tiffany to commemorate his inauguration. Another was when renowned gambler of the Twenties nicknamed“Diamond” Jim Brady gave stage star Lillian Russell a sterling silver bicycle. And also, during one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories, Richard Burton bestowed Elizabeth Taylor with a gold and gemstone dolphin brooch from Tiffany.

Elegant, exclusive and meaningful, Tiffany & Co. jewelry pieces have been emblazoned with magic for decades. From the time one opens the sophisticated and iconic blue box to when they adorn themselves with the Tiffany jewel, the magnificence of these timeless items casts a spell. Given with care, generosity and an appreciation for beauty, a Tiffany jewel is the perfect gift for Eid.