Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice

Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler were strangers when they each first moved to New York City. They had two completely different backgrounds, but something very important in common – the search for something that would inspire, strengthen, and workout the body AND the soul. The two met at a lunch one day and suddenly found themselves as business partners. The started the very first Soul Cycle studio in their “rear lobby” on 72nd Street with the glimmer of hope that other people were looking for the same thing. And they were! Now with five studios throughout the New York City area, SoulCycle is on fire! Their classes are some of the most raved about workouts in the city, including having recently been voted the “best hit-each-body-part fitness class” by New York Magazine. Their dedicated community of riders is what keeps them motivated and inspired. When they’re not working or working out, Julie and Elizabeth venture outside the world of SoulCycle and explore what else the city has to offer.