Charity Gonzalez

If you are looking for a place to get fit somewhere in Chicago, then be assured that you are safe at Charity Gonzalez’s Urban Fit Clubs. Charity Gonzalez, being the fitness fanatic that she was at an early age, started Urban Fit Clubs. Why? She found herself in a situation that many people find themselves in, she was in a workout rut having been a member of the same gym for five years. Wanting to have the convenience of local gyms but without paying the price of one, she created Urban Fit Clubs using her background knowledge in marketing. What is special about being a member of Urban Fit Clubs is that members are able to access fitness facilities around Chicago with the use of a simple card. They offer an abundance of workout options such as cardio and strength training, spin, dance, TRX, martial arts, pole dancing and more. She has sought out partnerships with TeamIFit, Go Cycle Studio, Chicago River North Pilates, POW! Kick Boxing, Lincoln Park Crossfit, Yoga Now, and many more locations continuously being added.