Interior Design Is Overruling Fashion And Consumers… And We Are Living On It!

The clock was ticking, the cabs were lined up like toy soldiers and the countdown was starting while stuck in bottleneck traffic. But those indestructible bus lines and crazed-maniac cab drivers, were not going to keep one missing the premier appearance of Cindy Allen, Interior Design’s editor, and The Academy of Art University’s students gallery portfolio showcase at 79 New Montgomery!

Pacing and racing, in 7 inch Pelle Moda heels, down New Montgomery can be quite the Mt. Everest hike; hoping one won’t stumble over that one loose gravel, while grasping the front door! So, if one must stumble in fabulous footwear, it might be best to stumble in front of 79 New Montgomery’s gallery event for Interior Design’s honorary doctorate for, Interior Design’s editor, Cindy Allen. In which, The Academy of Art University honored this doctorate to Allen at this featured event.

But if one just missed the last bus to this past premiered event, The Cannery is the defiantly the North Star for those interior design fanatics. Allen has inspired many students, along with the magazine itself and the Academy of Art University’s, The Cannery, will be featuring students, more than phenomenal portfolios, from today until August 11th! So stepping into the gates of interior design can be quite overwhelming. Those sleek, shiny like handles attached to the glass are for entering, so enter at your own risk!

Once one is in, they are in, but it feels as if a cocktail is needed. From the intimidating textile designs, architectural influence this was quite different than attending your usual, step to the right and look at the next artists work. It is more of textile design, architectural interior/exterior design and fashion infused pieces. By fashion infused pieces, that means furniture and interior design might ready for the runway!

Is furniture actually fashion? Well, designer, Karl Lagerfeld, obviously thinks Fendi should have its own leather luxury looks for comfort and irresistible seating. And, Louis Vuitton seems to always revolve its interior looks around each season’s trends, luxury appeals and hypnotizes consumer’s energy. Appearance, ambiance, polished woods and inviting merchandise does more than hypnotize consumers’ eyes, it can cause impulse buying from the wallet too! Why does one think shops, boutiques, schools, galleries, hotels, malls or just about anywhere put so much time on interior design? It’s really the atmosphere that is the seller and not 100% of the actual item that is trying to sell you.

Try this consumers, take an issue of Interior Design, then take an issue of a fashion magazine, after all the observing and reading, go to a shop and visualize the interior design of a certain designer shop or major department store. Imagine if the building was secluded, but the interior was ready to go, what would you sell and where would you start for presentation? It’s more of quest to setup the entire environment for the consumer, then to just place a Louis Vuitton Speedy on the shelf to sell.

No offense to the actual designers for fashion, that’s a whole other topic!

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