Iconic Hand Rolls: New Spin on Sushi

Let’s face it, there is no easy way to eat sushi quickly, especially for those who are chopstick-impaired. Luckily, Iconic Hand Rolls, opening Thursday, June 28th, has found a solution. This East Village “fast food” restaurant is ideal for busy sushi lovers. Iconic Hand Rolls is defying traditional Japanese sushi and transforming it into an on-the-go meal. 29-year-old owner, David Ravvin, has joined forces with Japanese cooking authority, Hiroko Shimbo, to create a unique menu. Ravvin and Shimbo have ditched the conventional sushi roll shape for a convenient cone-shaped roll. The seaweed cones can be filled with traditional ingredients like white rice and an assortment of fish. Iconic Hand Rolls also offers bizarre combinations to choose from like pickled garlic chips and skirt steak or coconut shrimp and asparagus.

This quick-service restaurant is located on First Avenue near Saint Marks Place. Stop by from 6pm to midnight and grab some beer, sake and fresh, hand rolled sushi.