Nobu at InterContinental Hong Kong Hosting Sake and Umami Dinner

InterContinental Hong Kong is having its first-ever Sake and Umami dinner in Asia on May 19-20. Hosting this seven-course, divine culinary experience will be Nobu Matsuhisa, a chef legend.

Guest Chefs Pedro Migues Schiaffino and Toshiro Nonishi of Peru will assist Nobu-san with the spectacular Sake and Umami dinner. Also present will be Numiko San of Japan, an umami instructor and expert, as well as Nobu’s saki master Hazu-san.

Umami is a concept thought to be the fifth “primary” taste – along with sweet, sour, salt and bitter. It is described as a round, savory taste that causes the mouth to water.

With an incredible following of both locals and luxury global-travelers, Nobu InterContinental Hong Kong will attract many. Those who attend will be educated on the culinary elements of InterContinental Hong Kong.

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